Monday, 9 April 2012

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - V

Previously: Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - I

I covered myself with a sheet, lied facing away from door and Hemant Jiju. I don’t know while thinking when I slept. I think it was just a nap of 10-15 minutes. When I got up there was very less light in the room. I turned to see and found Hemant Jiju on the same bed looking at me with a smile;
he was lying resting his head on his elbow and as I saw him he asked me “feeling better?” “where is Manish?” though I could recall that he was going in the other room with Gunjan Didi, even then I asked. “Must be in bed with his wife” Jiju replied with smile. I turned back and remained unmoved like before, I was nearly on my stomach,
bit sideways keeping one leg straight and other one bit up and folded like we climb stairs and next moment I felt Jiju coming over me from behind and kissed me closer to my ear. I closed my eyes and moaned deep inside, “maine kuch galat kaha kya(did I said anything wrong)?” he asked me in a low voice, and then spoke again, “right now you are my wife and Gunjan is his wife”
and with that he kissed me again at the same place and this time I moaned with bit of puff. Jiju turned me straight on my back and came over me partially and spoke in a soft voice while looking into my eyes, “Cheitu I can understand your mental state,…… just try to come out of it and enjoy….ek baar to ho hi chukka hai”, Jiju was looking into my eyes and I blushed,
he smiled and spoke again, “believe me it was amazing, jitna socha tha mujhe uss se kai jayda mazza aaya” I looked up and saw him, he was looking into my eyes with a smile, I blushed again, “tumhe mazza aaya ya nahi?” he asked me did I enjoyed it or not. “speak up” he asked again “Hmmmm…” I replied with a hum, without looking at him.

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - IV

Previously: Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - I

I got up and used the toilet and came back and took my previous seat on couch, Gunjan Didi followed me to use the toilet and finally spoke while looking at me and Hemant Jiju after coming out, “I think you should leave us alone now” “take Cheitu to her room” she was looking at Hemant Jiju while saying that, once again hearing that my heart beat went high and I felt I will not be able to move from here.
I started sweating a bit and Gunjan Didi sensed that and came to me and sat beside me, “what happened?” “Nothing” I replied, “if you want to stay here, you can… we will go there” she spoke, I started at her, I wanted to say “will that make any difference”, but I could not utter a single word.
I was staring at Gunjan Didi and remained silent; once again all eye balls were on me, Gunjan Didi hugged me tight and spoke “don’t worry first time aisa hota hai, sab theek ho jaayega, mere pass isska solution hai”. I too hugged her and waited for the solution she was saying, and tell you truly I could not expect what she started.
Gunjan Didi kissed me on my cheek first lightly which was ok, but after separating me from her from hugging she kissed me on my lips as my lover. She sucked my lips and tried to insert her tongue in my mouth, I hesitated to open my mouth and she told me to kiss properly in puffing voice saying,

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - III

While sitting there in peace I could not stop visualizing Manish fucking Gunjan Didi and myself getting fucked by Hemant Jiju. Once again I was recalling every word spoken by Manish about Gunjan Didi, about her big and heavy breasts, thick fleshy thighs and big and widely spread ass mounds.
Again and again I was visualizing Manish fucking Gunjan Didi in doggy style while holding her ass mounds as it was his favorite position, and myself getting fucked by Hemant Jiju in missionary as I have seen him fucking his wife in that position and ultimately I started feeling horny like never before, as I said it was most bizarre time of my life when I was deciding, surely with in few minutes I was leaking in my panties heavily and soon it gone totally wet.
Couple of time I though about guessing other couples as I knew many of Gunjan Didi’s friends, all of them married and except 1 or 2 all of them were living in same town but ultimately I could not guess who are the other two couple, as from outward behavior it is very difficult to guess that what that person is thinking, like nobody could guess from Gunjan Didi’s gesture that she will be sleeping with other men,
neither it can be seen on Hemant Jiju’s face that he will be swapping his wife with someone else. Like this I was drenched in numerous thoughts and somewhere I could feel that I am going to say yes to it, I really don’t know how I was changing, it was lust or what which was making me think about Hemant Jiju again and again in that way.
Couple of times I tried to find him in the people and found his glimpse, as I said earlier he was tall and muscular, health wise he was the one which every girl can dream and sexually I could realize from last nights incident that he was much more powerful than my husband. I imagined how Hemant Jiju’s hands would feel on my breasts and over my whole body.