Monday, 9 April 2012

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - II

Soon traditional customs of Indian marriage started and time passed. Once again I attended Manish, by that time Hemant Jiju was down to the house and soon Manish too came there. I was in very strange mind state and could not decide what to do, I wanted to talk to Manish about this, wanted to tell him that Hemant Jiju knows that we have seen him and Gunjan didi in lovemaking state, but somehow it did not happened as he was busy in talking to other males, and Hemant Jiju was one of them.
After that whenever I faced Hemant Jiju he smiled naughtily and that made me more uncomfortable. Around lunch time once again we gathered to have lunch and at that time once again I found Manish staring at Gunjan Didi’s body especially her bottom, once again she was wearing Kurta and tight chuddidar pajami and curves of her bottom were clearly visible,
and whenever Manish found himself getting caught by me, he smiled naughtily while looking at me, to remind me his last nights statements about Gunjan Didi and that irritated me even more. Moreover when I saw Manish staring at Gunjan Didi, I found that Hemant Jiju was noticing Manish silently, and looking at me and I was feeling so embarrassed.
Gradually lunch time came to an end and once again we got busy, but my mind was occupied and I could not concentrate, I wanted to talk to Manish about this but suddenly he disappeared with Hemant Jiju, after bit of searching someone told me that he has gone to see one of the famous market of that town and will come before main marriage occasion.

For me it was bit of relief because now he will not stare Gunjan Didi at least, but somewhere I was worried what if Hemant Jiju will speak to him whatever he has spoken to me in the morning. Anyway gradually day came to an end and we all started thinking about getting ready for the main function, till that time there was no sign of Manish and Hemant Jiju,
me and Gunjan Didi were in our room and were almost ready after wearing our decided sarees, at that time I thought about talking to her about last nights incident, I wanted to end up all this by saying sorry to her, assuming that she will forward this sorry to Hemant Jiju and just then both Manish And Hemant Jiju came in,
once again I found Manish staring at Gunjan Didi, as pallu of saree was still off from her shoulder and her big breasts were somewhat like feast to his eyes and this time fore sure Hemant Jiju was noticing Manish that he is staring at his wives big breasts.
After 5-10 minutes we came down to the main house and Manish and Hemant Jiju followed us after getting ready in next half an hour and along with other guests we moved to the place where whole marriage occasion was held. Once again everything went out of my control because of work and rush, neither I got chance to talk to Manish nor to Gunjan Didi to say sorry for peeping inside there room last night.
Many times I saw Manish busy in eating and munching with other male guest, couple of time I faced Hemant Jiju and his response was like before, he smiled naughtily at me every time we met and his gesture made me more uneasy and I started looking for Gunjan Didi to talk to her, but she was busy with bride,
I remained with her till I got chance to talk to her and through out that time I could not decide how to start and finally I started when we were relived from the assistance of the bride to eat something, and I started by saying sorry, and my words were, “Didi I want to say sorry to you” “for what” she asked back,
“actually last night, we were watching you, I mean when you were doing that in the other room” she laughed on that saying, “achha…” I too smiled back on her gesture, “actually it was Manish, who was peeping inside and I was trying to stop him”, she continued looking at me with smiling gesture, I spoke,
“Didi I am really sorry for what he did, and….. want to tell you one thing that Hemant Jiju knows this, I think he has seen me peeping inside”……I spoke again, “he must be thinking that it was me, but it was Manish who has done this” “hmmmm…..” Gunjan Didi just hummed to say ok, “Didi I am really sorry for what Manish did and please say sorry to Jiju also on our behalf”
Gunjan Didi laughed a bit on that and spoke, “relax yaar, what is wrong with you, tune mujhe mere husband ke saath hi sex karte hue dekha hai na, what’s the big deal, we don’t care for such tiny things”. Then again Gunjan didi spoke naughtily after a small pause, “aur batta mazaa aaya dekh kar,…. Hemant bahut powerful hai na?”, I blushed on her statement, and did not uttered a word.
“You know, Hemant has a list of cities where he has fucked me,….whenever we go out of town, no matter where we stay he tries to fuck me so that he can add that city into that list”. I looked up to her face, Gunjan Didi was smiling, “that’s why you both slept in the other room” I asked, “aur kya” she replied, “Jiju is really crazy, he should not behave like this, I mean…… this is not the way”
I replied, “what are you saying, any day he is better than your husband, raat ko tera to rape hua hai” Gunjan Didi spoke back and I was shocked, once again I could not think that what is happening, “what” that’s what I could say at that time, “yes, I know jo Manish ne tere saath kiya hai, …..mere saath to ek hi baar hua hai, tujhe to do baar ragda hai tere pati ne”
Gunjan didi was smiling naughtily while looking at me and while eating. “you were watching us” I asked back, “not only me, Hemant was also there” “what?” I was shocked, Gunjan Didi reflected cool gesture with a smile, and looked up to see someone, and smiled, I turned to see where she is looking, it was Hemant Jiju who was standing bit far from there and smiling,
he moved his head in a way he is asking Gunjan Didi that “what is happening” Gunjan Didi moved her head in no, as if she wants to say “nothing”. Gunjan Didi looked at me with smile and spoke, “kya hua, why are you getting nervous, husband ke saath hi kar rahi thi na, kisi aur ke saath to karte hue nahi dekha na humne tujhe” “what are you saying,
I mean…. I think I will go mad” I replied, Gunjan Didi got up as she was over with what she was having and she wanted to get something else to eat, and before leaving she told me to stay here only. Gradually she disappeared in the mob, where the snacks were getting served, Hemant Jiju stood where he was standing talking to someone on phone,
now Manish was also standing beside him and looking at him, I was sitting very far from there, I could see them but could not hear them as now Hemant Jiju was off from the phone and he was talking to Manish. After some time Gunjan Didi came back and bought one plate for me which I was thinking of having and once again sat beside me.
I was still very nervous over whatever happened, and now I wanted to talk to Manish about this and for that I tried to get up and Gunjan Didi asked me where I am going, I spoke the truth “actually I want to talk to Manish” “about what?” she asked me, “about all this, I mean…mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha what is happening” I replied, “just sit, I will tell you” “what?”
I asked back, “whatever is happening” Gunjan Didi replied while continuing eating. I sat back and looked at her as now I was expecting she will speak and she started after a minute, I think after thinking for a while from where to start, “see, Manish knows everything, and whatever happened last night was pre planned….. just to give you a change” I was shocked and going crazy,
I was expecting more from her but Gunjan Didi was behaving cool, “see whatever I am going to ask you now, should remain confidential…..Ok?” she asked and I moved my head in yes, Gunjan didi was still normal, I could not see any sign of nervousness and opposite to her I was nearly sweating, my heart was beating high.
“Actually we are swinger couple, and your husband is interested in joining our group” I was in utter shock, “kya baat kar rahi hain Didi?” somehow I spoke with a beating heart, “hmmmm….. we are already doing that,….. in xyz(name of my home town)” Gunjan Didi spoke while looking down in her plate and spoke again, “ I hope you know what swinging means….. Exchanging partners?”
I moved my head in yes, “see everybody needs a change, and I think there is nothing wrong in this” Gunjan Didi was speaking and I was just listening her, “yesterday while talking to Hemant, Manish mentioned that things have gone monotonous in your bedroom, so it started from there and Hemant spoke to Manish about this”…
"Manish is ok with this, but he was not sure that how you will react on this,… are bit old fashioned,….. so we planned all that” I was sitting like dumb in front of her, couple of times I looked at Manish and Hemant Jiju, they were sitting where they were few minutes back busy talking to some guests, as I saw them again Gunjan Didi spoke again,
“don’t look at them, they know what I am talking to you” “so decide, yes or no and eat fast, we have to go to the stage” suddenly I realized that I was having something, something which I really like and I kept that plate under my chair and got up as Gunjan Didi got up to go, “nobody is forcing you, take your decision and you can ask me whatever doubts you have”
Gunjan Didi spoke while moving and then spoke again, “I can understand your mental state, just try to be broad minded, it’s just a physical thing so think about it positively” “you have whole night” Gunjan didi continued walking towards the stage and I was also beside her. “What do you mean I have whole night; I mean where are we going to do?”
I asked whatever came in my mind without realizing what I am asking, “that means you are ready to do?” Gunjan Didi asked back immediately, “no” I replied realizing my mistake, “then first decide that, and leave rest of the things on us” By that time we were close to stage and Gunjan Didi climbed the stage and I remained there only and settled down on the sofa kept bit far from stage.
It was a weird mind state, I remained unable to think anything properly, thoughts were moving like anything in my mind, I was recalling last night, the way Hemant Jiju was fucking Gunjan didi, and realized that Jiju and Didi has seen me getting fucked, rather I was raped in front of them by my husband, next moment I was thinking that Manish has trapped me, he wants a change,
means he is bored with me, though I could feel what Gunjan Didi has said, that things in our bedroom were getting monotones and whatever happened last night means the intensity in which Manish fucked me was last seen long back. Then suddenly a thought stroked me that if I will say yes to it, then Hemant Jiju will be fucking me, and Gunjan Didi will have sex with Manish,
and then I recalled whatever Manish was speaking about Gunajan Didi, every incident seemed connected to each other, from Manish’s staring at Gunjan Didi’s body till Hemant Jiju’s behavior to sleep separate, and that smile which Gunjan Didi passed while going out after taking that hand towel and that is how Manish knew purpose of that hand towel.
Just then I recalled what Gunjan Didi spoke few minutes back that “Manish wants to join our group” this means there are other people in this group, next question which came in my mind was “who are they?” I looked at Gunjan Didi, fortunately she was getting down from stage with someone, and she too looked at me and walked towards me with that person and introduced me with that lady and we chit chatted for a while with her (she was one of our distant relative),
after that we got alone and Gunjan Didi sensed my state and she asked me, “want to ask something” “haan” I replied, “what” “ iss group mein aur kaun kaun se couple hain”, “for you we are the only couple, I will tell you when you will be part of it” “no, only then I will be able to think about it” I tried to take out this information from her once again that who are the other couples but Gunjan didi avoided again by saying,
“forget it, I cannot tell you that it’s a basic rule, not to name anyone, but trust me everyone is well trusted and belongs to a good family” “like?” I asked back, “just like you and me”, “no tell me, do I know them?” I asked again, “ok, till date there are total three couples in this group, and you also know rest of the two” Gunjan Didi replied and just then spoke again,
“now I will not tell you anything else about them, till you will be part of it” “I am not sure, I mean I cannot decide” I replied in confusion, “ok, what I can do for you is, you can try swinging with us, it will be secret between four of us and if you will be ok with it only then we will introduce you to rest of group” Gunjan Didi gave open proposal to me, that after trying swinging with them,
I can step back if I will not feel like trying this with other couples, and it will remain always secret. I realized that in any case Manish will not say no to it, so everything depends on me and my body went through a strange sensation as this thing came into mind that I have an option to decide whether I have to join them in swinger’s group after getting fucked by Hemant Jiju,
and on the other side Manish will be fucking Gunjan Didi which he desperately wants. Once again I was sitting alone as Gunjan Didi was back on stage, don’t know for how long I sat there as so many things were running in my mind and I was lost in those thoughts. Don’t know when I started visualizing that Hemant Jiju is leaning over me and fucking me, I could visualize his face next me and suddenly I realized that I leaking in my panty.
Once again Gunjan Didi came to me and sat beside me and asked me, “tell me, if your sex life is not getting boring” “yes” I replied, “yes what?” “it’s getting boring or not?” she asked me again clearly, “yes, it is getting dull” I replied, “then you should try, it will improve your relation with your husband, mentally as well as sexually”
Gunjan Didi spoke and then after a small pause she spoke again, “and we don’t do very often, it’s hardly once in a two months, or sometimes if 2-3 holidays comes in a row” Gunjan Didi was looking in my eyes while saying that. “who are the other couples” I asked the same question, she smiled on that, and spoke again, “right now, for you we are the only couple,
I promise will tell you after trying it with us, even if you will not join us in the group,…… but not before that” then again she spoke, “tell me, is it yes?”. I was still confused and could not think properly, and Gunjan didi could read my face, and she spoke again, “think about it, …. consult your husband if you want, we all will talk about it during Phere (main marriage ceremony in which bride and groom walk around the fire).
Once again Gunjan Didi went up to stage as she was in assistance of bride, and I thought about talking to Manish, he was already looking at me while standing beside Hemant Jiju bit far from me, and Hemant Jiju was also looking at me. Once again my mind went to those thoughts, and for me it was hard to believe that Hemant Jiju will be thinking about fucking me, he always seemed so casual to me,
I have never found him staring at any other women and now it was an open truth to me that he is fucking other women, more over from Gunjan Didi’s gesture I never felt that she will be sleeping with other men. I was staring at Manish while thinking all this and suddenly I realized that Manish is calling me by waving his hand,
I moved towards him and waved my hand from bit of distance I did not wanted to go closer to Hemant Jiju, standing bit far from there I tried my best to not to look at him but failed and as I saw Hemant Jiju he was already smiling at me. Next moment Manish was standing beside me and asked me “kya hua?”, I was speechless, could not decide what to say,
I simply got angry and spoke, “kya hua?” “tell me what are you up to” I spoke in response, “kya matlab?” he replied as if he does not know anything, “Manish don’t act smart, you know what have you done” “and tell me exactly what you want” I was back in my senses and reflected my reluctance to my husband about joining that swinging group and in response Manish smiled and spoke,
“you know what I want, now you have to decide and in any case I cannot take decision alone, we have to decide it mutually” “are you crazy?” I replied and continued my gesture, “Ya, you can say that” he replied while walking along with me to one corner so that we can talk. Manish spoke again, “See it’s a fact that our sex life is suffering, and surely it will help” “you are impossible Manish, you cannot see the after effects of this”
I replied, “can you see anything wrong in their relation (Hemant Jiju’s and Gunjan Didi’s), they are into this from last 2-3 years” “and they are enjoying up to max”………… “It’s all about mutual understanding, and we have this understanding” Manish continued making his statements to convince me, and I was looking at his face, he spoke again
“we can try once with them and if we will not be ok with it, we will not join them” “by the way do you know who are the other couples?” I asked Manish if Hemant Jiju has mentioned there name to him. “No, he is not ready to name them” Manish replied, by this time I was sitting on the last chair of the last row and Manish was standing in front of me.
We remained silent for some time, and Manish asked me again, “tell me yes or no, and we don’t have much time, I mean Hemant was saying that he needs some time to make arrangement” “and if it is no then we all will be leaving tomorrow” “and if yes then” I asked back to know there arrangement, that where are they planning to swap there wives,
“then we will cancel our return tickets” Manish replied, “then where we will do, in that room, and in that store room” I spoke as if I am bit frustrated, I was totally messed up with my thoughts and I did not realized that I have started showing positive thinking about all this to Manish. “I don’t know, Hemant has some plan and surly it will not be in that room” Manish replied,
“then what is his plan” I asked back immediately, “he will tell me after your yes… everything depends on you” he replied back and by now Manish was sitting beside me. “Just leave me alone, I need some time” I replied, Manish got up to go and asked me, “want to have something?” “ya send somebody with plain water, and please try to ask Hemant Jiju what is his plan,
I mean I don’t want to get into any trouble among our relatives” “Ok, we will sit together during ceremonies”….. “And stop behaving confused, look at Gunjan Didi, she knows that I know everything about her, even then she is cool”
Manish spoke in teaching fashion, which I did not liked, “Ok, go now, just leave me alone” He went away and sent someone with water and one mock tale. I sat there for more than half an hour and in those 30-40 minutes I went through most weird imaginations of my life.

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