Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sex with mature Telugu woman

Hi, I am back again to narrate one unforgettable incidents happened in my life before marriage.I was very jovial and easy go person.I like to see the romantic movies as well as porn movies. I was very fond to read magazine like Debonair and the centre spread was the attraction. I am very fond of elderly women and always like to have them.
Once I came across with elder woman with whom I had magnificant sex that too with the knowledge of her husband! At that time there were no talking's of threesums/swappings etc comparing to nowadays. It happened like this:
I was 24 years then and was working for large manufacturing Company which was producing for Government sector like P & T,Railways,NTPC etc. I was looking after tender and supply related works and for which I was always travelling to various small towns and also all metropolitan cities. I usaully have to maintain with friendly relations with dealing officers/clerks and this helps me to get my works easily.
It is common practice almost all govt people wants some benefit if they do some favor to companies and likewise, I always take care of it.Besides,I used to visit thier house in holidays and after office hour to talks more freely and sometime to give their complements. There was a Class III Officer Mr.B.L.Rao Mumbai's Central Railway and he was staying with his family at Dadar.

He was 44 years at that time & originally from Vijawada and staying at Mumbai since 20years. He was key person in tender commitee and so I always pay attention to his needs. Whenever, I am in Mumbai,I used to have lunch/dinner alongwith him even though I didn't have any work pending with him. It was just good rapport which being maintained by me.
I was mingled with them since 8-10 months .He is a workoholics as well as alcoholic too.In office hour he will be very busy and evening he will be busy with his drinks,only sunday,he spares time for his family.He was staying in railway flat at Dadar and has wife Sudha, two middle aged son (both were studying at boarding school near Pune )
Mrs.Rao ( Sudha) was 37 years and has medium complexion, slight obese with appealing curves, perfect typical Andhrities women.Even at this age,she posses good physique and has big size boobs,long silky hair.On the contrary,Mr.Rao was lean, but tall and looking sober.Only bad habits of him was chain smokers.I can imagine this couple in thier early age.
Sudha was very talkative,this I observed whenever I make call to Mr.Rao in the evening or on holidays,she generally pick up the phone and answering. She always keep complaining about her hubby's busy schedule and drinking etc. When I saw her first time I was attracted to her personality.I also found her feeling of lonelyness in her eyes as if she wanted to share her feelings.
Initially I used to refer as Madam,but gradualy I began to refer her as aunty.She alway like my company because, I usauly take her side in thier arguement and I always appreciate her choice,tastes beside her cooking skills. I some times take them to good restuarant as well movies.Whenever, I come to thier home I bring some articles like diaries/compliments from company etc and for some function.
Apart from materilaistic gain, she likes me for my decent behavior as well as being in such position in my company at very young age. She some time enquire about my plan to marry and also enquire about my girl friend jokingly. Mr.Rao also have faith on me and always share his problem which is mostly related to his work and some time personal matter.
He often comes to my hotel after office hour and stays with me.I used to gossip with him on several matter including sexual topics. He knows my interest and my inclination towards elder women, because,he caught me several time staring with his women colleagues and sub-ordinate who were quite sexy looking and attracting company person just to gain some cuts.
One fine evening, while drinking,I purposefully start gossiping about this younger days and sexual life. Mr.Rao said he was also having same feeling in his younger days and had few sexual encounters with his real aunts/cousin sisters. I asked him if same feeling still exists,he answered that now a days,he lost his interest in women,
hearing this again I asked about his reserveness and not giving time to his wife,, he lamented that due to health reason,may be of his heavy alcohol consumptions,he feel weaks and cannot perform well in the bed,Sudha always complain about her inability to satisfy her. I suggested him to have some medicines like Vita ex,shilajit etc.He replied that he has tried all but no use full.
He freely admitted his inability to have sex every day and also reveals that Sudha's libido is increasing day by day.This is because,her children have grown up and and his hubby is unable to perform.He some time do masturbate her and puchased some dildo for her to have self satisfaction. These revelations made me some surprise feeling about her.
Now I can understand why Mr.Rao keeps busy himself and why Mrs.Rao always looks oppurtunity to talk with me and come closer to me. Once, we all ( me,Mr. & Mrs Rao) boarded local train to visit a exhibition at Churchgate area on sunday .The train was full even in first class and we hardly found any seat. There was no space to stand comfortably.
As the local move out,crowd were swelling in.Now Mrs Rao was sandwiched between me and her husband and her face was in front of her husband and myself was attached from her back. Her lovely back was just few cm from my face and I could smell her body odours which was making me mad.Perhaps,Mrs Rao understoods from my hot breath and she adjusted more closeness towards mine.
Now my whole frontal part was touching her backs and this made my tool hard which was felt by Mrs Rao.Then,suddenly Mrs Rao turned back and now her frontal part was touching me. Though,she expressed her discomfortness but I can understand why she has changed her position.
Now I could feel her warmthness of her body as well as aromatic odour from her armpits as one her hand was up to catch hold the straps.Our body also rubbed each other due to motion of the trains and I felt that she was enjoying this too. I was so excited and at last my fantasy becoming true by touching her and enjoying the body odour of her.
Here, I want to disclose one thing,since last few days after revealations of thier sexual life,I began to explore to get her,so I used sniff her under garments lying for washing in bathroom. Some time I masturbate while rubbing her blouse which were kept for washing. So after, the journey, we went to exhibition place and visited stall.
Due to sunday,crowds were there too and in many stall, Mrs Rao purposefully tried to stood beside me and touching my shoulder etc. I dont know about Mr Rao reaction but he pretends to be unknowing. After strolling for an hour we had some refreshment,I asked about dinner program Mr.Rao,he said that he want to go back home as he was tired.
(I can understand that he wants to gulps few pegs before dinner,but since Sudha was there and he never had drinks infront of his wife) His wife too understands his intentions and she mischievely told to him to have one or two pegs.He could not believe and cheerfully said to me go at Fort where a famous Bar and resturant was located where a family comes and dines.
From there they can return to Dadar and I will be going to my Hotel at VT area.So, we took a cab and went to that hotel and after waiting few minutes we got seats.He ordered drinks and I and Sudha prefer fruit juices to give company to him.This is first time that both husband and wife are together dining in Bar and Mr Rao was in good mood.
He start talking about his honey moon days and both husband and wife were comfortably chatting.This was very rare sight to me and Sudha admitted that after long time both are talking in such manner. Mr. Rao requested his wife to have few sips from his glass just to enhance his romantic mood She refused initialy,but I also requested her to do it just for name sake.
She hesitantly gulped small amount of whisky. Then, Mrs Rao teased me about my plan of marrying, she also wanted to know my choice of girl.Suddenly,Mr.Rao revealed my fascinations towards elder woman and teased me that I always stare voluptuous woman rather teen aged girls, I saw Mrs Rao face and she was amused to hear this.
Mr.Rao started crossing his limit and gulped few pegs more than his regular quota despite of warning from his wife. I too requested him to stop it but he said after long time he was having with his dear wife, so dont stop me “. Mean while, he started lamenting about his weakness and inability to perform better and I guessed that he was now fully intoxicated and he is uttering in inebriated conditions.
Mrs Rao understood and request me to come along with them to avoid any untoward incident. Viewing the condition of Mr.Rao,I finally decided to drop them at their home and shall return back. After reaching to home Mr.Rao again requested me to make halt there and shall come together to office next day.
Though I had began to explore any possible opportunity to stay with them just to find chance to have Mrs.Rao which I understood while in the local train. The way she was breathing when our body rubbed each other, I could sense easily she must have something in her mind.May be she was very cheering in the evening after anticipating my inclination towards elder woman.
Anyway, I accepted his request and conveyed this to Mrs Rao,she kept mum for a moment but said to her hubby where he will sleep and I can understand why Mrs Rao said because it was a 1 BHK flat and there was 1 AC fitted in their bed room. Mr Rao said that I will adjust,let make arrangement.
To ease the discomfortness I said you both sleep in the bedroom, I shall l be sleeping in the living room. So in the sofa I sat and switch on the TV,meanwhile Mrs Rao went bathroom for dress change,befor going if I require any sort of towel/ lungi to change my dress. I said not now and laughingly said I don't wear anything when I go to sleep !! She became shy and went away.
Mr. Rao has aleady gone into deep slumber and I can hear his snoaring. My heartbeat began increasing as I can sense that tonight I am surely have chance to have her. Things were favourable to me after journey in local train and moving so fast that it was bound to happen. After some time I saw Mrs Rao coming out from bathroom wearing a sexy lingerie.
I was stunned to see her in that dress and she came smiling towards me..She went bedroom and covered her husband with a blanket and asked from there to me to have anything. I said if there are any cold drinks available in the fridge. Surprisingly, Mr. Rao did not wake with such loud voice. Now my dirty mind rapidly finding way to break the ice.
I purposefully said is he asleep?? She said till morning he won't wake up and this is his daily routine. She came near to me and said, due to them I have suffered whole day, like travelling in crowded local train, now sleeping in this condition. Actually she wanted to know my reaction, so I gleefully said today was my best day and I discovered something.
She said what discovery, I pulled her and embraced her tightly and said this is discovering of true sexy woman!! She was also reciprocated and both were lip locking.She was yelling and simulteneasouly smooching me passionately. I was in heaven,, and licked her body especially armpit which has mushy aromatic smell. She to took up my T shirt and licked my bare chest.
Soon we unbutton ourselves and clanged into each other body.I bent down and put my face between her thigh and buried the face in the swollen cunts which were well lubricated.I licked like dog and some time bite lightly, she was moaning and moaning,telling me love, dear love me...Her cunts was covered with bush of hair and I like the odour coming out from vaginal area.
Several times I had smelled her panties and I revealed her at that time. She was so excited and yelled, why didn't I advance earlier...???.Both of us has forgotten that her hubby is sleeping there and could anytime come, but she didn't cared.She gave me shocking disclosers that her husband already offered her to have sex with me, which she was rejected,fearing that I will not like to have sex with elderly women.
Only from the afternoon, she got hints from erected pennies rubbing her back and from that time onward she has made up her mind to have fun with me. Hearing this I became more aggressive and hugged her tightly smooching her necks, face, earlobes...I shoved my tongue in the nostril and ear lobes.She was shivering and trembling..Moaning with hoarse sound fuck me! fuck me !
She so nicely loved me that I forgotten her age and she was looking most beautifully woman in the earth. Her whole body was boiling and and I licked her entire body from tip to forehead.. I love her silky hair and its fragrance mixed with her sweat and hair oil. Finally, she pleaded me to shove my cock inside her.I did it like obedient boy and sucked her boob simulteneasouly.
She pushed her waists upwardly and I pushed her deeply and deeply..finaly her body becomes stiff and harden and gave several jerks with stopping of breaths..She was climaxing and I too released my jets of liquids in her vagina!! She was gasping for breath and after few moments we regained our composer and wore the dress...
She was so relaxed and said after long times she had such exploding climax and also planted a soft kiss on my cheeks saying to continue this as long as I wish. I also promised her about my availability whenever she needs. Her husband was still in deep slumber and I was cherishing the beautifully day I had. Really, she was so wonderfully lady I ever had in my life. Being elder by more than 13-14 years, I never felt that.

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