Friday, 20 January 2012

Sex with naughty sister-in-law

This is a true incident happened few years back. Nothing is imaginary nor copy pasted from another site changing the names of people. My cousin (maternal uncle’s son) stays in Delhi and is 10 years younger to me.
He has been now married for 5 years and do not have any issue. His wife Vinita who is 13 years younger to me is varying bubbly and humorous type of lady. She is 25 years old with 5ft 6 inches height and perfect body structure though a little plum at right place.
Whenever I visited Delhi, I use to stay at their place only and we had always enjoyed each others company. We used to crack all sort of jokes and laugh. Once while I was in Kolkata I received a vary naughty double meaning joke on SMS
(joke was: I love your feeling, u r so smooth and gentle and whenever u are on me I feel so excited. My nipples get hard by yr touch and my naked body always looks forward to have you. I REALLY MISS U DEAR NIGHTY)
from her to which I also replied in a double meaning manner. “I ENVY YOUR NIGHTY’. She immediately replied that what I mean by such remark and I have only one track mind. I said I was just joking but do envy the nightie.
She really laughed on this remark and our SMS relation started. Initially it was exchange of naughty jokes only which got converted in personal messages. She then revealed to me that her husband is unable to produce child and is not very active in bed as well.
Half the time he ejaculated before entering her leaving her high and dry. I really felt bad about it and suggested her to show him to some doctor, which I believe he refused. After few months of exchanging SMS once she came to Kolkata where her sister lives.
She stayed with her sister. Once in the evening she called me on my mobile and requested to meet me. I straight away refused coz Kolkata is not safe place for meeting when everyone is concerned about others then themselves.
She then insisted that we must go out for drive and for that purpose she will take her sisters car so that no will notice us as her car her dark tinted glasses. I agreed to her request and went to her sister’s house, within few minutes she came out
of the house in her sisters car and handed over the wheel to me to drive. I took the driver’s seat and took the car towards salt lake area which at that time of evening is usually deserted. Once we reached salt lake, she requested me to slow the car.
As I slowed the car she turned towards me and kissed me on my lips. I was totally taken up by surprise and immediately applied the brakes. Once the car came to halt this time I took face in my hands and stared French kissing her.
My tounge was in her mouth and my hands went to squeeze her firm TITS. She responded by inserting her tounge in my mouth and rubbing my groin by her palm. My 8” cock was in full attention so she just unzipped my pants and took out my erect manhood.
All this while we were kissing each other passionately. After she took out my cock she realized the enourmus size of my dick and for the first time she dis engaged herself from the kissing and started admiring the size of my cock.
She then revealed that her husbands cock was mere 5” and much thinner then mine. She then started sucking my cock as if she has been starving for such cock for all her life. I was in 7 heavens and was enjoying her suck which she was really expert in.
After some while I could not control my self and started ejaculating in her mouth which she drank completely without letting a single drop fell out. She then pleaded me that I must FUCK her as she has always been dreaming to have my DICK in HER CUNT.
The place was not safe at all for such activity so we decided to book in some nearby Hotel. I called a friend of mine who owns one of such hotel in that area and requested him to let out a room for few hours.
He said there is no problem and I should proceed to the hotel where he will leave a message so that I will have no problem in getting a room. On arrival to the hotel I was given keys to one of the Hotels best suit.
As soon as we entered the room I grabbed her in my arms and again started to kiss each other. After few minutes of kissing we decided to open each others cloths, within few second we both were completely nude. For the first time I saw her nude body which was really amazing.
She had round firm medium sized (35C) Tits with small but hard nipples, thin waist and a perfect pair of Ass and well trimmed pussy. She was looking stunning. I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed and made her lie on her back.
I then started sucking the erect nipples one after another and caressing her body at the same time. She started moaning and took my hard LUND in her palm and started playing with it. After playing and sucking her nipples
I proceeded kissing and licking her entire body from her eyes to feet. It was like giving her tongue massage. She was un controllable with pleasure and started begging me to lick n suck her CHOOT. I spread her legs and put my tongue on her WET CHOOT.
It was really hard and well lubricated. She then requested me for 69 position so that she can suck my LUND while I eat her CHOOT. Friend I cant explain in words how exciting and pleasurable experience it was,
Her choot was so tasty and warm that I kept tong fucking her till she came again and again and believe me she took my whole 8” lund in her mouth and was sucking it like a mad. After few minutes I once again ejaculated in her mouth and again she drank my whole cum while
I was drinking her love juice from her choot. She refused to let my lund out of her mouth and kept sucking it till it became hard again. Once my cock was hard and ready she asked me to fuck her in doggy style.
So bend on her knee and arms and guided my hard n thick DICK in her fully wet and lubricated CHOOT. Though my lund went in easily but I could feel the tightness of her choot. Once the entire shaft was in we started fucking.
My cock was pumping her Cunt going in and out like a piston and her Firm TITS ware being squeezed by my palms. She started moaning and shouting to fuck her deeper and deeper.. faster n faster.. harder n harder.
She was responding to every push of mine and enjoying. After few minutes we changed the positing and this time she came over me and started jumping up n down on my ROD. Her TITS were dancing with her movement which was a sight to be seen.
After few minutes of dancing on my rod She started shouting that she is Cumming and within few seconds both of us were having orgasm and came simultaneously. Her Cunt got filled up with loads and loads of my CUM which started dripping from side.
We were completely exhausted so we lied down in each others arm with my lund inside her choot. We had sex once more and then I left her near her sisters house and went back home. Next day she left for Delhi but we were in touch through SMS.
She said that she had never ever experienced orgasm before and she really enjoyed the time n fuck with me. After few weeks she told me that she has missed her period and might be pregnant she then told me that in order to avoid suspicion
with her husband she will have sex with him tonight so that he can think its his baby. Though she will not enjoy the sex with him at all especially after having sex with me. Few days later I got a call from her husband that he is going to be a proud father
soon and have proved the world that there was nothing wrong with him. Only me and Vinita knew who the actual father is. Vinita delivered a sweet looking healthy baby boy after few months and thanked me for the same by her SMS.
We kept meeting each other whenever I was in Delhi or she was in Kolkata and enjoyed sex. She even introduced one of her friends who also wanted to become mother but her husband was incapable. Today even she is pregnant carrying my baby.

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