Friday, 26 August 2011

Naman having sex with neighbourhood bhabhis - II

That’s what Kiran Bhabhi needed and she got up from the bed and took off pallu of her sari from her shoulder and started unwrapping sari after pulling out plates of her sari in one go, and somewhat ordered Radha Bhabhi in a low voice saying “Radha main door lock karke aaja aur bhaiya ke kapde uttar”.
Radha Bhabhi reacted and got up to go out and before she would have left that room Kiran Bhabhi was free from her sari, wearing just blouse and petticoat wow what was she looking, I never got harden while looking at her, as from her normal gesture Kiran Bhabhi never appealed me sexually may be because she use to talk a lot as compared to Radha Bhabhi
and I always avoided her because of that but at that time her body was exploding sex and I was getting harder and harder, as I earlier said she was fair in color, her breast were even fairer which I could see from her deep cleavage. Kiran Bhabhi excused me to go to the toilet by saying “main ek minute main aati hoon” (I will be back in minute),
with in next few seconds Radha Bhabhi was back and she came closer to me I could see from her face that she was bit hesitant because till now she reflected herself as a decent lady to me and now she was suppose to came out of that shell, anyway she came and stood beside me. I was also very nervous and I just got up looking into her eyes.
Radha Bhabhi smiled and said, “Bhaiya aap tension matt lo kuch nahi hoga, you will feel good” she was still hesitant while talking to me but she had to conquer her fear and hesitation that night and she was getting confident with every passing second. I was just looking into her eyes and could not think that whatever I am doing is right or wrong but I think it was too late to think
about that because next moment Radha Bhabhi started taking off my shirt slowly by undoing buttons of my shirt and in a minute she took off my shirt and her hand drifted down to the belt of my trouser and she opened buckle of my belt and next moment Kiran Bhabhi appeared on the door of the toilet and came quickly towards both of us she was still in blouse and petticoat
and her huge melons were trying jut out of her blouse and her deep cleavage was dick raising in itself, she took charge of undressing me from Radha Bhabhi by saying, “Radha main kholti hoon tu apni sari uttar aur bed par aajaa”. Radha Bhabhi stepped back giving away my access to Kiran Bhabhi and stood bit far and took off pallu of her sari from her shoulder and unwrapped her sari with in few seconds.

By this time my trouser was on floor and Kiran Bhabhi was smiling looking into my eyes and spoke, “aaj aapko bahut mazza aayega” and with that she entered her hand in my jockey and touched my cock along with balls, I moaned in bliss, it was really very strange pleasure which was unknown to me till now.
Kiran Bhabhi was playing with my gentile like a experienced player, both of her hands were in my underwear, with one hand she was fondling my balls and with other hand she was jerking my rod while looking at my face as I was moaning and enjoying her hands over my cock. Somewhere behind Kiran Bhabhi, Radha Bhabhi was taking off her clothes,
she was facing away from me and she didn’t stopped after taking off her sari, she continued taking off her clothes and in next few seconds Radha Bhabhi was just in bra and panty, still facing away from me and next moment she unhooked her bra from behind and took off her bra, and slowly she drifted down her panty revealing her lovely round ass mounds
to me and then she turned and her face was turning red as she was totally naked to have sex after a long long time and she was looking absolutely stunning, her big luscious boos were hanging in front of my eyes and I could not move my eyes from her body, her body seemed so luscious having nice juicy and big breasts leading to a flat belly and thick fleshy thighs having
clean shaven beautiful seductive cunt in between, her cunt was looking very soft and juicy, with nice round and wide butt having lovely plump ass mounds above that she was looking at me with a smile and that gesture was really breath taking she was also bit nervous but not as much as me and I could see that her nervousness war disappearing with every passing second.
Slowly she came closer to me and spoke to Kiran Bhabhi saying “Bhabhi aap bhi kapde uttar dejeeye” before leaving me Kiran Bhabhi drifted my jockey to my feet and got aside again giving my charge to Radha Bhabhi, without wasting a second Radha Bhabhi took off my undershirt and pushed me gently to bed and wrapped her self around me nicely with some hesitation and started kissing me,
and we both just got lost in each other and we were kissing nicely tide with each other and with in few seconds we were up with the lustful environment thinking nothing except sex. As we were laying sideways and kissing and our pubic zone were touching each other and I could feel the heat of Radha Bhabhi’s hot fuckhole along with her wetness.
I don’t know when Kiran Bhabhi took off her remaining clothes and came behind me and lied down on bed completely touching back portion of my body with her front portion and started rubbing her wet fuck hole with my bare hips. Kiran Bhabhi started moaning like hmmm…. Hmmmm…. Ahhh….while rubbing her cunt on my back and hips and soon I was feeling her juices on my back.
Watching Kiran Bhabhi, Radha Bhabhi also reacted in the same fashion and stopped kissing me she also started rubbing her pubic zone with mine and both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi stared somewhat masturbating while rubbing there hot fuckholes to my back and front and they were fully enjoying most awaited thing of there life that is mans body.
I was stuck between two of them and my pleasure was of the kind which cannot be defined in words, I was in heaven after getting sandwiched between them and after a minute or so both of my Bhabhies reached to the sexual peak and shivered a bit one by one while pressing there fuckhole with my body and cummed nicely.
I was feeling wetness over my lower body as both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi flooded out there love juices over me while cumming. Finally Kiran Bhabhi got up first and straightened me making me laying on my back and spoke to Radha Bhabhi “Radha aaj bhaiya ko bahut mazza denaa hai” with that Kiran Bhabhi held my hard cock and started jerking and next moment she took it in her mouth and started sucking.
Her mouth was wet and warm and Kiran Bhabhi was sucking my rod like an ice cream, in the beginning it was paining and it was not at all pleasurable as expected for me as I use to see in movies but I tried to bear that weird feeling and slowly Kiran Bhabhi’s sucking was getting pleasurable and more arousing was the view which I was getting by raising my head,
Kiran Bhabhi’s beautiful face was filled with my cock and she was moving up and down and my rod was appearing and disappearing in her mouth, below her mouth I could see her big milky luscious melons were hanging and moving according to her speed of sucking my rod. The way she was sitting I could see her every asset as she also had nice plump round butt which I could see from sideways,
she had bit heavier than Radha Bhabhi’s ass mounds with bit of tummy and below that she had her fucking cunt with some hairs on top of it and which was dying to get stuffed with something like my hard cock and like Radha Bhabhi she was also over fleshed on her thighs and arms. Radha Bhabhi was laying beside looking me in pleasure and smiling while her hands were caressing my hairs.
While sucking my rod Kiran Bhabhi looked at us and without stopping herself she called Radha Bhabhi from her eyes, inviting her to suck my rod and Radha Bhabhi got up and went to my lower half and took my cock from Kiran Bhabhi and took it in her mouth and my sucking pleasure continued, and Radha Bhabhi was looking even more arousing when her mouth got swollen from my cock,
I got harder while looking at the scene as both the ladies were sucking me one by one and the whole view was not at all less erotic then any threesome xxx movie, though Radha Bhabhi was not as beautiful as Kiran Bhabhi but she had something which was attracting me towards her and whenever I saw her taking my hard cock in her mouth I got harden in her mouth itself and moaned in pleasure bit louder.
Gradually I was moving to my peak and my pleasure moans were telling my state to the ladies and with that there speed of sucking my rod was rising and I was getting mad in pleasure, finally leaving my lower half Radha Bhabhi came over my upper half and started making love to me while kissing my chest and neck and Kiran Bhabhi continued sucking me and soon
I was closer to explosion and I was moaning loudly I wanted to stop her as it was really strange feeling, I never touched that level of excitement while masturbating and truly speaking it was somewhat paining and I desperately needed to cum, but Kiran Bhabhi was too excited and she continued sucking me with same passion and as I tried to get up to stop her Radha Bhabhi
stopped me pressing my upper half with her body while holding my hands in her hands. I was screaming and requesting Kiran Bhabhi to stop by saying, Bhabhi please…… please…… please Bhabhi stop….stop, my breath was broken and I could speak properly as I was dying in pleasure next moment Kiran Bhabhi stopped sucking but continued rubbing my rod between
her palms and my condition got even worse and literary closing my eyes I screamed like hell and banged myself with my full strength on the bed after lifting my butt to the maximum and exploded like never before and shivered in pleasure like anything in front of both of my Bhabhies. As white sticky cum popped out of my rod, I felt lips around my rod and it was none other than Kiran Bhabhi
who swallowed my cum with joy and tried to take out more of it with bit of sucking and that act made more shivering in my body along with pleasurable feeling. I was puffing heavily and feeling as if I am almost dead and was still into a shock and could not believe on whatever happened just few minutes before, the way both Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi made me cum.
Finally Kiran Bhabhi got up and went out telling us that she is going to get some water and Radha Bhabhi took me in her arms and asked me politely, “Bhaiya mazza aaya” I looked into her eyes and could not decide what to say because I could not make out, that was pleasure or torture, and finally spoke my condition saying,
“I don’t know what was that, I was about to die”, Radha Bhabhi laughed on my condition and said, “that means aapko mazza aaya so just relax” Kiran Bhabhi came with a bottle of water while drinking and handed it over to us and we both Radha Bhabhi and me also had water and went into toilet to pass the urine and came back to bed and once again I was in the middle
of the bed with Radha Bhabhi on my right and Kiran Bhabhi on the left, we rested for few minutes and most of the time Kiran Bhabhi was talking and we both means me and Radha Bhabhi were responding to her according to her words. Initially Kiran Bhabhi started with a same question asking me again, whether I liked it or not saying, “battaiye mazza aaya ya nahi”.
I said “haan aaya par bahut ajeeb tha, meri halat kharab ho gayi thi, why didn’t you stopped”. Kiran Bhabhi laughed and said, “Bas aapko taddpate hue dekhna tha”. Then again Kiran Bhabhi said, “aaj almost six months ke baad main sex kar rahi hoon, mere husband ek saal main hardly 10-15 din ke liye aate hain, aur main peeche se ekdum pagal ho jaati hoon,
kabhi kabhi toh suicide karne ka mann karta hai,”, and after a pause Kiran Bhabhi started again, “aur Radha ke husband ki death hue to teen saal ho gaye hain, Bhaiya hum log bahut akele hain and we are very grateful to you, aapko hum dono bahut khush rakhenge, aapko cooking seekhne ki zaroorat nahi hai, aap hamare saath hi raho, bass humen aapse physical love chaahiye, kyun Radha”.
Kiran Bhabhi wanted to get her statement acknowledged by Radha Bhabhi in the end and Radha Bhabhi acknowledged by just saying “Haan”. Then again Kiran Bhabhi spoke and asked me whether I see blue films or not, I said yes, “Bhaiya aap blue films dekhte ho”? “Haan kabhi kabhi” then again she spoke and asked me with some hesitation,
“aap bhi hamari sucking karoge,” it was really very strange situation and as I had seen Kiran Bhabhi was having hairs on her fuck hole so I felt like saying no to it and spoke with bit of hesitation that “Bhabhi mujhe abhi wo karna achha nahi lag raha, bahut ajeeb lag raha hai, please try to understand” Kiran Bhabhi spoke instantly as if it really doesn’t matter
“haan haan koi baat nahi agar aapko achha nahi lagta to nahi karna, maine iss liye kia kyounki mujhe achha lagta hai”. Then again Kiran Bhabhi spoke “main to itnee excited the ki aapka veerye( Hindi of fluid which came out from males penis) pee gayi, actually blue filmein dekh dekh ke humara deemag kharab ho gaya hai,
(then while laughing she said) abhi aage dekho kya haal hoga aapke saath, Raat bhar main hum dono aapko poori tarah khaa jaayenge”, As expected after few more minutes Kiran Bhabhi turned me to her side and kissed me for few seconds and then drifted me down to her huge and fair milky melons and made me suck them and I took one of her huge luscious fruit
in my mouth along with her dark brown erect nipple and she started feeding me her milk to me. I sucked them one by one for some time while pressing and squeezing them hard between my hands as Kiran Bhabhi was himself guiding me to do so to get desired pleasure and she was moaning nicely with the pleasure she wanted.
While I was sucking Kiran Bhabhi’s luscious fruits Radha Bhabhi was laying behind me playing with my ass mounds, parting and squeezing them tenderly while pressing her succulent tits with my back and she too was moaning in sexual lust and after a minute or so Radha Bhabhi inserted her palm between my thighs parting them slowly to got hold of my balls and started
massaging my scrotum tenderly to make me moan too and next moment whole room was filled with our groans for the pleasure which we were getting from each other while laying on the bed. Kiran Bhabhi was excited as I was squeezing her big luscious breast and rubbing and pressing her cunt with one of my hand,
Radha Bhabhi was in heaven because she was crushing her melons against my back and once again she was rubbing her love hole with one of my ass mound as I was in pleasure too because one of my leg was resting between Kiran Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs and my thighs were well parted to give full access of my sexual organ to Radha Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi
was playing with my rod and balls with excellence as she was moving her hand continuously jerking my rod from behind, sometimes massaging my balls tenderly and moving her fingers into my ass crack over my ass hole to make me shiver in totally new sensation. Soon I was fully erect and both of my lovely Bhabhies were wet and dripping again and it was time to start real fucking.
Widening her legs apart Kiran Bhabhi pulled me over herself and took me in her arms and instinctively we both adjusted ourselves and holding my fully erect rod Kiran Bhabhi guided my hard cock to her fuckhole while moaning for upcoming pleasure and spoke in puffing tone “daaliye bhaiya” I pushed my lower half and just slipped inside her cunt,
Kiran Bhabhi was so hot and wet, initially it was really very strange feeling, first time in my life I was inside a woman that is of Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole and it felt very messy but soon I started fucking her and as tip of my uncovered rod came in friction of Kiran Bhabhi’s fucking pussy it felt like heaven to me and in a fraction I started making proper fucking strokes and with in
few seconds I was fucking Kiran Bhabhi in a comfortable position and slowly Kiran Bhabhi grabbed my whole body with her arms and thick fleshy thighs which were wrapped around my waist and I was pumping her fuckhole with good steady speed and we both were moaning in pleasure.
Radha Bhabhi was laying beside us and she was too excited and I could see from her face that she was waiting for her turn to get stuffed and for that she was preparing her fuckhole by rubbing her finger on top of her slit and while doing that she was trying to look into my eyes and as our eyes met she smiled in lust and closed her eyes while rubbing her slit more furiously.
Suddenly that gesture of Radha Bhabhi ignited some kind of flame into me which made me desperate for her and next second, I stopped fucking Kiran Bhabhi and got up and took Radha Bhabhi under my body and with in few seconds I penetrated Radha Bhabhi after widening her legs and made couple of hard strokes to get inside her deeper and that really pleasured her a
lot as I touched deepest corner of her love tunnel with my throbbing cock and Radha Bhabhi screamed in pleasure nicely and even after those two deadly strokes, holding her legs wide and tight pointing towards roof I continued fucking her with reasonable passion and she seemed in intense pleasure as she could not breath properly and continued moaning and puffing.
I fucked Radha Bhabhi for a minute like that and got bit tired and my pace got lessened and finally I stopped and lied down on the bed after taking out my rod from Radha Bhabhi’s fuck tunnel and this time Kiran Bhabhi grabbed that opportunity and instantly took my rod in her mouth and started giving me pleasure by fucking her mouth with my rod,
though my hard cock was soaked with her own and Radha Bhabhi’s fucking juices but as such there was no hesitation in Kiran Bhabhi to take that in her mouth and from her expressions I could see that she was enjoying getting dirty like that and while sucking my rod she looked at me to reflect her desperation for me and after few more seconds she came on me and sat
around and waist and shoved my rod in her fuckhole again and took it deep inside her wet dripping cunt and made few strokes to get it deep into her tunnel and pleasured herself with a deeper penetration and continued fucking me with more or less with same speed while sitting on top and finally went through orgasm and I too cummed with a loud groan and once again my cock spitted out bit of white sticky cum.
That moment of ejaculation again took my breath away and I felt as if I will die in pleasure. Kiran Bhabhi seemed satisfied as she was laying tightening her fuckhole between her fleshy thighs after pressing it hard with her hand. In the mean time when me and Kiran Bhabhi were fucking after leaving Radha Bhabhi in between,
Radha Bhabhi continued masturbating with her hand and fisted herself furiously while watching both of us in extremely hot sexual act and more or less Radha Bhabhi also cummed a bit at the same time, though from her facial expressions I could see that she was not fully satisfied but for the time being she managed to calm down her sexual urge.
All in all we all were exhausted and once again we used toilet to clean ourselves and came back to the bed and lied there the way we were laying and this time Radha Bhabhi took me in her arms and embraced me, though she knew that I was not at all in condition to do anything, at least not for next half an hour or may be more than that,
I was dead tired and I just closed my eyes resting my head on her arm and she grabbed me as if I am her loved one. Me and Radha Bhabhi were laying tied to each other and the way Radha Bhabhi was holding me it was clear that she wanted to tell Kiran Bhabhi that now it’s her turn to get me properly as in last session Kiran Bhabhi dominated badly and Radha Bhabhi
didn’t got much in her fuckhole from me. Kiran Bhabhi was laying behind me and once again she stated conversing and asked me same question while laying bit away from us, “Bhaiya mazza aaya” ? “hmmm….. bahut mazza aaya, Bhabhi,” I spoke while closing my eyes without making any movement,
I was feeling softness of Radha Bhabhi’s luscious breast on my cheek and one of my leg was resting between her nice fleshy thighs, as Radha Bhabhi had no hairs on her cunt so I could feel the softness of her love tunnel as my knee was touching her cunt and my that touch was making Radha Bhabhi eager even after bit of ejaculation.
As me and Radha Bhabhi was resting silently in each other’s arms but Kiran Bhabhi was continuing having conversation with both of us and at a particular instant she talked about her sex life with her husband saying, “Bhaiya you know jab mere husband aate hain to main unke saath continuously 15 dinn tak sex karti hoon aur unnko raat raat bhar sonne nahi detti,
wo mere se pareshan ho jaate hain” we both me and Radha Bhabhi remained silent for that as we did not had to say anything for what she said. Then again after a pause of few seconds Kiran Bhabhi said “Bhaiya aap bahut achhe ho, aaj bahut dinno ke baad kuch satisfaction mila hai, please aap yahin rahna wapas matt jaana, hum hain na aapke liye, aapko koi problem nahi hogi yahan par”.
I just hummed to say ok to her and remained in Radha Bhabhi’s arms unmoved and Radha Bhabhi moved bit and gripped me tighter and slowly moved her hand from my back to my hips and squeezed one of my ass mound and hummed lightly in pleasure closer to my ear to make me listen her desire, but I think even then I was not ready for another fucking session and I remained like that only.
Once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “abb aap Radha ko bhi satisfy kar do, usska abhi theek se hua nahi hai”. Again I just hummed to say ok and then after few second I spoke as if I am talking to Radha Bhabhi, “Bhabhi thodi der main karunga”. Radha Bhabhi gripped me further and said ok, and once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke this time to Radha Bhabhi,
“Radha achhe se karna, iss baar main bilkul interfere nahi karungi bas tum dono karna”, then after a small pause Kiran Bhabhi again said, “agar sucking karke erection karni hai to mein kar detti hoon” for that Radha Bhabhi replied calmly, “nahi Bhabhi wo bhi mein karoongi” and after saying that Radha Bhabhi embraced me and almost whispered in my ear “I love you Bhaiya”
hearing that Kiran Bhabhi laughed bit and said, “Radha iss darr se ki aapko fir se main na chhen loon, aapko chhod hi nahi rahi hai”, then with a small pause again Kiran Bhabhi said, “bechaari ye bhi kya kare, ittni young age main isske husband expire kar gaye aur jab tak property ka matter solve nahi ho jaata ye dobaara shaadi bhi nahi kar sakti”.
For that Radha Bhabhi replied in a requesting tone, “Bhabhi please depressing baaten matt karo, mujhe Bhaiya ko arouse karna hai aur aap aisee baaten kar rahe ho” Kiran Bhabhi smiled a bit on that and said “ok ok kar le jo karna hai, achhe se sucking kar abhi 5 minutes main ye dobaara ready ho jaayenge”.
Radha Bhabhi moved a bit and we started kissing and once again we were lost in each other in making love and with that we both started touching each other and moving my hand from her back I got hold of one of Radha Bhabhi’s ass mound and played with that as she was playing with mine and slowly Radha Bhabhi drifted her hand from my hips to my front to my penis
and jerked it to pleasure me and I just moaned in that pleasure and after few more minutes Radha Bhabhi got up slowly and took my penis in her mouth tenderly which was in bit of limping state but soon Radha Bhabhi’s moist mouth did some kind of magic as her tongue wobbled around foreskin of my rod and finally my rod started coming out of its foreskin
and started gaining its size in Radha Bhabhi’s mouth only and that pleasure of gaining size in her wet moist mouth was one in itself and once again that view in which Radha Bhabhi was holding my dick between her rosy lips was adding up spice to it and with in few more seconds of in and out movement of my dick and the rub of my cock head on Radha Bhabhi’s
tongue took me back in good size and more or less I was fully erect. Kiran Bhabhi was watching us making love and as she saw my rod in almost full in size getting in and out of her Radha Bhabhi’s mouth once again she spoke “Radha ho gaya, abb ooppar aakar acche se andar le le jaise maine liya tha, dekhna tereko bahut mazza aayega”
and this time her words took me to further erection and I moaned nicely to give Radha Bhabhi hint that I am ready for her and Radha Bhabhi reacted accordingly and next moment she was in position to take my rod in her fuckhole from top and finally she too shoved my rod in her wet cunt arching her head to the roof in fucking pleasure.
Radha Bhabhi’s movements were very different from Kiran Bhabhi’s movements, she was fucking me nicely with steady strokes may be she wanted to last this fucking session for long and soon Radha Bhabhi leaned on me and instead of in and out movement she preferred making to and fro movements and tried to rub her clit with my pubic zone and somewhat
succeeded in doing that and moaned nicely and fucked me like that for few more minutes, and I could see that she was getting hell of pleasure and with every stroke she was getting closer to her sexual peak but unfortunately she was losing her strength to make movements and by this time I was too excited as Radha Bhabhi’s facial expressions and body movements,
the way her big breast were jiggling and moving with her movements were driving me crazy and soon I took charge to lead this session, I turned around and took Radha Bhabhi under my body and after widening and wrapping her nice fleshy legs around me once again I entered in Radha Bhabhi and immediately started fucking her with deep throbbing strokes and continued getting
deeper and deeper and as expected after few more strokes Radha Bhabhi trembled in shattering orgasm and I could see that how greatly she cummed because after that she trembled for long time. I was still in the middle as had bit of strength and this time again Kiran Bhabhi made good use of it, as she was also aroused watching us fucking,
she simply widened her legs to invite me by saying “aaiye bhaiya mere ander daaliye aur mujhe achhe se fuck kareye Radha ka ho gaya hai”. I had no time to think, Radha Bhabhi was exhausted so I moved to Kiran Bhabhi and once again Kiran Bhabhi got stuffed there, down in her cunt and this time to get deeper and faster sex she kept her legs on my shoulders and told
me to fuck her furiously with fast and deep jerk saying in her words, “ab karriye bhaiya acche se ander tak daaliya, mujhe aise bahut mazza aata hai, kariye tez tez kariye”. It was demand of my body that I wanted to fuck her in that way only, so I just fucked her like that pressing her thighs down which made her legs pointing roof,
leaning over her I was fucking Kiran Bhabhi with sudden and throbbing strokes and Kiran Bhabhi enjoyed up to maximum and finally my movement changed and it became short and fast and she easily sensed that I am closer to my burst so Kiran Bhabhi grabbed me and just said, “kariye kariye bhaiya mere andar hi nikalne deejeye”
and I after couple of more strokes I just got shattered again deep inside Kiran Bhabhi and she really enjoyed this bonus fuck. After a minute I looked at Radha Bhabhi and this time she seemed satisfied and I think bit sad because she just got out of her control and explode before me, but that was a tiny thing and main point was that now we all were satisfied and were not
in condition to do anything so we just decided to sleep like that and once again after cleaning and getting under a double bed sheet Radha Bhabhi tried to hold me in her arms but this time Kiran Bhabhi joined us too and finally we got settled and once again I got sandwiched between both of them but it was really very comfortable position for me as I was having cushion of soft breast skin
on my back and front of both of my lovely Bhabhies and from my lower stomach I was touching Radha Bhabhi’s soft fuckhole and intentionally Kiran Bhabhi adjusted herself in a way that her fuckhole was touching my hips and she was rubbed it in between while talking to me and Radha Bhabhi.
Friends what should I say about Kiran Bhabhi, she is a kind of person who cannot live without talking and don’t know from where she use to think about that what she had to talk and this time her conversation was even more weird though she started with a an ordinary line just saying that she did not interfered till Radha Bhabhi met her orgasm,
and her words were addressing Radha Bhabhi “Radha maine tera hone ke baad liya tha, Bhaiya ka abhi hona baaki tha iss liye maine kar liya”. Radha Bhabhi just hummed to say yes and once again Kiran Bhabhi said “bhaiya sach main aaj bahut mazza aaya, aap bahut achhe ho, Radha ko to aapse pyar ho gaya hai”, (then after a very small pause)
“mere se jyada to issko aapki zaroorat hai, ek saal main mujhe 15 days ke liye to mere husband mill hi jaate hain, ye to teen saal se sex karne ke liye taras rahi thi”. This time I hummed to say yes, Kiran Bhabhi kissed on my bare shoulder and again said, “aap yahin rahna wapas matt jaana, nahi to main pakka suicide kar loongi”.
I smiled on that and said, “nahi Bhabhi main yahin rahoonga, aapke aur Radha Bhabhi ke paas”. Listening that Radha Bhabhi grabbed me bit tighter as if she got happy hearing that. Once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “Bhaiya abhi aapko humne bahut kuch seekhana hai, jaise alag alag positions aur bahut kuch,…..waise mujhe doggy style sabbse jyada pasand hai,
hum wo bhi karenge,…. aapko hum har tarah se khush rakhenge, (then again after a very small pause) aap blue films dekhte ho na”? I said “haan”, again Kiran Bhabhi said, “uss mein kabhi anal sex dekha hai”, this question wobbled my head and I think even Radha Bhabhi got bit shocked because we both opened our eyes hearing that, I could not speak anything,
I could not guess what she was going to say next as I was already in a state where I could not believe that whatever has happened is real or dream and now even conversing limits were disappearing because of Kiran Bhabhi’s talkative nature, but she could not hold herself and again asked me “bolo dekha hai kabhi”,
I just hummed in hesitation to say yes and Kiran Bhabhi spoke further, “aapko wo bhi karna ho to aap mere saath kar sakte ho, mere husband mere saath kar chuke hain”, then after a pause she said, “ussmain thoda sa pain hota hai lekin mazza bhi aata hai, asshole tight hota hai na iss liye dard hota lekin main aapke liye sah loongi”. Then just after that she spoke to Radha Bhabhi.
“Radha tune kabhi kiya tha apne husband ke sath wahan pe” Radha Bhabhi just said “nahi Bhabhi”, again Kiran Bhabhi said, “pahli baar to bahut dard hua tha mujhe, ronna chhot gaya tha, mere husband ne zid pakad li thi ki unhen karna hi hai, …. Bahut din takk mujhe bolte rahe aur fir maine haan bol diya, ….. uss din raat bhar main sou nahi payi thi mujhe itna dard hua tha,
bahut buri tahar kiya tha inhone, dus din tak unnko taalti rahi thi iss liye unnhone sara gussa ek baar main nikal diya tha, tabb se jab bhi aate hain ek do baar to wahan karte hi hain”. Then after a small pause again Kiran Bhabhi asked, “bhaiya aap karenge wahan”? I said “nahi Bhabhi mujhe wo sab achha nahi lagta”, then again Kiran Bhabhi replied “haan, abhi aap naye ho na,
thode dinno main sab achha lagne lagega, agar karna ho to without any hesitation boll dijeeyega mujhe koi problem nahi hai”. Though I said that I don’t like this but the fact was that bit of movement took place in my penis and Radha Bhabhi sensed that and looked into my eyes with very less smile, and I responded to it with a same gesture.
Again Kiran Bhabhi spoke “bhaiya aap kal office se leave le lijeye, abhi hamara mann poori tarah bhara nahi hai, mujhe abhi aur karna hai”. Kiran Bhabhi’s that request was really very shocking to me and I was not at all in condition to accept that so I just said, “nahi Bhabhi I have bit important work to do, hum kal raat ko karenge na”.
She said “haan abb to karenge hi, ek baar shuru ho gaya na abb koi problem hai, hum logg bahut dinno se soch rahe the aapse kaise baat karen, aaj sab ho hi gaya” and after that gradually we slept after bit more conversation. When I got up, time in the wall clock was around 6 and Kiran Bhabhi was laying very far from me and seemed in a very sound sleep,
as I turned to see Radha Bhabhi, to my surprise she was awake and looking at the roof, and as she saw that I am also awake she smiled and spoke, good morning, I wished her back in the same fashion and Kissed her lightly on her lips and asked her, “Bhabhi kya soch rahe the”, she said, “main apne husband se bahut pyar karti thi, and today I have cheated him,
kabhi kabhi sexual pleasure kitnaa important ho jata hai” she was having bit of water in her eyes, I wanted to cheer her up and said, “Bhabhi he is not alive, agar wo zinda hote aur tabb aap aisa karte to cheating hoti, you are very lonely and you did this to make yourself happy, and doing that is not a cheating, everyone has a rite to be happy”.
She smiled on that and said “You mean Kiran Bhabhi has done something wrong? She has cheated her husband, just because her husband is still alive”? I gave a thought for a second and said “hmmm… I think yes”, till then I didn’t knew anything about Kiran Bhabhi’s life, Radha Bhabhi said, “you know her husband has a girlfriend there and he knows that Kiran Bhabhi know,
even then she cannot do anything and she has to cooperate” I was listening to her and she was looking into my eyes while talking to me about Kiran Bhabhi, Radha Bhabhi spoke again “mentally she is facing even worse time than me, she is depending on him for finance and cannot go back to her parents because they are no more,
moreover she has a 12 year old girl to grow up and she has sent her away from herself to the boarding so that she should not see what happens between her father and mother whenever he comes home” it was really very shocking for me and bit embarrassing, Radha Bhabhi was telling me everything and hearing that I felt like saying sorry to Kiran Bhabhi, but it was not over,
Radha Bhabhi continued and said, “ and whatever she has said that ki jab unke husband aate hain to wo unke saath continuously 15 dinn tak sex karti hain aur unnko raat raat bhar sonne nahi detti and all is pure lie, he drinks a lot and fucks her like animal, couple of times I have seen them fighting and heard her screams in the night when she got beaten up by him”.
Then after a reasonable long pause Radha Bhabhi said, “ I know you feel that Kiran Bhabhi is very irritating because she do lot of talking, but that is her nature, when she gets free with someone she never cared that what she is saying but believe me Bhaiya she is very caring and soft from the heart,”
After hearing few more facts about her miserable life I just went insane and in a way I was at saturation and could not bear anything more about her life and truly speaking those 2-3 minutes of Kiran Bhabhi’s brief life history changed my perspective for her but in any case I do not wanted to know more about her, I wanted to make love to Radha Bhabhi,
she was my sweet heart and I think she sensed my expressions and spoke again but with different tone “whatever it is, now we want to live happy, suicide karne se achha hai cheating hi kar lain, aur abhi main aapko fir se seduce karne waali hoon” I said, “nahi Bhabhi abb main aapko seduce karoonga” she smiled on that and said “abb aapki hesitation bhi khatam ho gayi hai”
and with the last word I came fully on Radha Bhabhi we started kissing, and we both were conscious that we do not have to make any audible noise because we knew then Kiran Bhabhi will get up and she will turn our romantic moments into a fucking session. Me and Radha Bhabhi made love for few minutes and kissed each other like true lovers,
I kissed her on her neck and breast then Radha Bhabhi whispered a bit saying, “let’s go to other bedroom” that was a good idea because for me it was impossible to fuck Radha Bhabhi without getting into notice of Kiran Bhabhi because bed would have moved with my fucking stroke and that was enough for her to get up.
We both silently got up and went to the other bedroom and once again without wasting any time got involved in love making and I sucked and squeezed Radha Bhabhi’s breasts nicely to pleasure her and kissed almost every part of her naked body and as I tried to lick her cunt she stopped me, saying, “Please bhaiya agar achha nahi lagta to matt kareeye”.
I said, “nahi Bhabhi mera mann karr raha hai, main aapko puri tarah se satisfy karna chahta hoon, just because I also love you” and next moment I buried my face between Radha Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs and started sucking her love hole and she just went mad in that pleasure and could not control her moans well that was enough for me to continue that strange dirty thing
which got turned into erotic sex pleasure after few minutes. Truly speaking friends for me it was first experience of sucking of woman’s fuckhole and it was very creepy but I continued just to pleasure Radha Bhabhi and she was enjoying and her body movements and shivering was telling her state that she was not at all on earth,
she was flying somewhere in heaven and her moans were driving me crazy and I started enjoying sucking and gulping her love juice which were flowing like a endless stream and soon she reached at the point where she could not resist and just before that she stopped me and immediately took me in her control and started sucking my rod nicely and giving away her
full affection to me and soon I was also moaning in uncontrollable pleasure, her mouth was so wet and warm that just in few moments I felt like heaven and pressure started building up and I too stopped her for going further, and finally started fucking Radha Bhabhi again in missionary position and fucked her nicely with lot of love and care giving her complete pleasure of love
making, I was fucking her in a way I would have fucked my wife, as I was sucking her breast along with pumping her fuckhole and brushed my wet lips on her neck to make her moan in the pleasure for which she was starved for years and finally I cummed deep inside her fuckhole and she too shivered as she felt my hot jizz getting injected in her love hole.
As I was resting on Radha Bhabhi just after my ejaculation and at that time even her legs were wrapped around me and she was cumming with bit of jolts on ther belly and we both were puffing in pleasure, we heard some voice from behind, it was none other than Kiran Bhabhi, don’t know from how long she was watching us and what she spoke from behind was,
“this is very bad, akele akele enjoy kar rahe ho, mujhe bhi jagga dete”. I smiled and said, “Bhabhi aap sotte hue itne pyare lagg rahe the ki jaggane ka mann nahi kiya” she smiled on the complement and said, “abhi thodi der main mere saath bhi karna, mera bhi mann kar raha hai” well that was something which was not possible for me, so I said,
“nahi Bhabhi aapke saath main evening main karoonga, office se wapis aakar aap tyar rahna”she said, “ok but pahle mere flat par aana, baad main Radha ke paas janna” and with bit of smile she spoke again “waise bhi abb aap kabhi akele nahi soyege, hum dono main se ek to hoga hi aapke saath bed pe” I smiled on that and said “definitely I will come to you first”
and pointing her fuckhole I said, “aur aggar aapko apni sucking karwani hai to aap ye hairs clean kar lena, Radha Bhabhi ki sucking to ho gayi abhi abhi”. Kiran Bhabhi smiled a lot on that and said, “sachi” then she asked Radha Bhabhi, “Radha mazza aaya”? Radha Bhabhi smiled while getting up and looking at me and said, “Haan Bhabhi bahut mazza aaya”
Kiran Bhabhi was happy to hear, that I am going to suck her, don’t know why I was happy to see her happy. Finally we got up and took bath together while tingling each other and had breakfast together and I took a leave for office with a hope of wonderful upcoming night. So friends this is how my first sexual encounter ended and my new lifestyle started and as
I promised that evening I went straight to Kiran Bhabhi’s flat and as expected she was ready wearing lovely sari and doing preparation for tea with some snacks with Radha Bhabhi and after having tea Radha Bhabhi took a leave, leaving me and Kiran Bhabhi in the flat and as expected we two had good horny sex in her living room only and before that I sucked Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole too,
it was clean shaven and there was no mark of hairs on that and my sucking pleasured her a lot and she was delighted with the feeling of getting sucked, she didn’t knew that I know the whole truth of her life and she continued telling lies to me about her husband and her love making with him and talked to me endlessly while having sex with me in different positions,
I fucked her from behind holding her wide ass cheeks which she likes most and during that I was more or less enjoying her words as they were spicy and very arousing. Again and again she was saying “ Bhaiya bahut mazza aaraha hai, app mere paas hi rah jaao, kahin matt jaana, humen aapki bahut zaroorat hai, hum log hamesha sex ke liye taraste rahte hain,
aapko hum bahut pyar se rakhenge, aap please kahin matt jaana, aap apni Bhabhiyon ke pass hi rahna” and even now I was responding to her saying, “Bhabhi main kahin nahi jaaonga, aap dono ke pass hi rahoonga, aur aap logon ko bahut pyar karunga” and while speaking that I was pumping Kiran Bhabhi from behind holding her waist firmly and finally cummed massively in her fuckhole.
Once again that day we three had dinner together and after that I slept with Radha Bhabhi in her flat after fucking her nicely like my loved one, considering that she is my wife. Days are passing like that and I am experiencing two ladies of different temperaments, one is Kiran Bhabhi who demands proper fucking, hard, dirty and bit brutal and Radha Bhabhi loves tender lovemaking with lot of love,
care and affection. It’s not that we always fuck and just fuck, we spend lot of time together, watch movies together in anyone’s flat while resting our heads on each other, we eat and laugh together and go for movies and shopping together and sometimes me and Radha Bhabhi listen music and sleep in each others arm even without making love.
All in all we are spending good and jolly time assuming there is no tomorrow. Mutually we have decided that on occasions we will go for threesomes unless we will do it separately, like we had threesome just a few weeks back on my birthday and now we are planning another threesome for New Year eve.
I think that will be a night of no limits and we have a plan of drinks too, so I am sure night of 31 December will be very dirty and slippery, along with alcohol there will be lot of my jizz and hell of Radha Bhabhi’s and Kiran Bhabhi’s love juices, and truly speaking somewhere in one corner of my brain I am thinking about anal sex and if it will be possible for me then I will try to talk to them about that,
as I mentioned earlier Kiran Bhabhi has no problem in that, I have to prepare Radha Bhabhi for that, but before that I have to prepare myself for that, lets see if I will be able to do it or not. Apart from lusting over me both Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi really care for me and sometimes I see bit of jealousy in them for each other because of me but for sure they also
care for each other because I think they realize that they have spent hard time together and now they should remain together till eternity with what they have as good so as such they have no problem to share my love and lust with each other. Both of them have accepted there life’s truth and they are learning to live happy without caring about anything else except me.
At my end I don’t know what it is, it really seems very strange to me to say that I love both of then, Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi too, may be this affection is driven by sympathy, but who cares I am giving them happiness for which they were starved and I get mental support from them to fight against the hard working conditions.
Some times when I come back after having a hard day at work, one of them take off all my tensions, Radha Bhabhi do mostly by talking to me calmly about my day and kissing me affectionately which sometimes leads to the tender sex and Kiran Bhabhi do it by getting naughty,
taking me straight to her bedroom for a quick fucking session or by just a blowjob in the living room only and yes how can I forget, sometimes she irritates me also by just taking and talking. Do write to tell me that you liked my narration to inspire me to write down my experience of New Year eve. Bye take care.

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