Monday, 30 January 2012

Sexy desi maid Vedana - I

One day, to be exact on 03MAR2011, I was alone at home and it was about 5:00 PM when the doorbell rang. It was the house maid, Vedana (name changed to protect privacy), who was with us for the past 11 years. She came to scrub the vessels. I let her in and came back from my room with my camera and sat on the stool at the breakfast table.
I clicked a few photos of her, without her knowledge. In between I would stare & ogle at her fantastic body. All of a sudden, without turning her head towards me, she burst in a rather nasty tone, "kaye pahtat tumhi?' "kaye nahi', I replied and went to my room. I did not like what and how she said that.
I started ignoring her, in that I would not go into my room, which I usually did to have a glimpse of her boobs, when she swept & mopped the floor; I would not go to the bathroom, which again I usually would, to ogle at her knees & part of her thighs & her back, when she washed the clothes in my bathroom; I would not go where she went and finally I would not help her in hanging the washed clothes out to dry.
This went on for quite a few days. I deliberately kept this attitude to make her realise that I had not liked what she had said and that too in a nasty tone. Then, came a day, when again I was alone at home and I was watching a porn DVD and the doorbell rang. Without switching off the DVD, I went and opened the main door, it was Vedana. It was about 4:45 PM.

I straight away proceeded to my bedroom and continued watching the DVD. After she had scrubbed the vessels, she came to my room and asked, "tumhi kay pahtat?" I did not reply. She looked at the TV and sat on the low sill of the window near my bed and said, "mala pun pahahche hey, me kadhi nahi pahila asa picture." Again I kept quiet and kept watching the DVD.
After some time, she came and sat next to me on my bed. I still kept watching the DVD. She then came in front of me and said, " oho, tumhi ata pun majasi naraaz ahe kai? Maji chuki jhali tya divsi. Maji mood barobar nahoti, karan maji tabiyat barobar nahoti. Mala maaf hare, chuki jhali." I was still silent.
She then came and sat in front of me and said, ' aho tya divsi maji mood ani tabiyat bari nahoti, mahnun me tasa bolli tumhala. Maaf kare, parat tasa kadhi karnaar nahi." I still kept quiet with a lowered head. She took my face in her hands and tried to raise it. I resisted. "maje doleya madhe bagha. Mi khara boltoye," she ventured. I was still silent, but stared straight into her eyes.
What she did next left me completely flabbergasted. She started to un-buttom her front-buttoned blouse after lowering her saree pallu. She opened one button and looked me straight in the eye. With every button she opened she would look for my reaction. Needless to say I was getting aroused.
When all the buttons were undone, she said, " hey ghya, tumhala maje mamme pahache hote na. Ghya maje mamme, tumcha sathi me ugarle hi. Tumhale je pahija maje mammeyala kara." I could not resist any more and pulled her towards me, made her sit on my laps, grabbed her tight and planted a huge kiss on her lips. She responded by inserting her tongue in my mouth and I sucked it real hard.
I then inserted my tongue in her mouth and she responded by sucking it equally hard. She took hold of my right hand and put it on her left mamma. "Ghya maje mamme." I started kneading it, first slowly, then her nipple and then the entire mamma. She removed my hand from her left mamma and put it on her right mamma. All the while she kept kissing me passionately.
She then put my T-shirt up and pressed her mammas on my bare chest. It was sheer ecstasy to have the small, but beautiful, straight & erect mammas of my Vedana on my bare chest. I pressed her body against mine as hard as I could, while still kissing her. After a while she disengaged and asked,"aho, tumche mansa ghari kevhan yenar ahe?" "kami ti kami 2 taas tari lagnar ahe," I replied.
"mag mi asa karto ki building madhe doosre loganche bartan karun yetoi ani parat yeoon tumhala baki che maje deoo", she continued. "kiti vel lagnar tula?" I enquired. "20 kivhan 30 minit," she replied. She closed her blouse buttons, gave me a passionate kiss and went out, saying " tith paryant tumhi te picture paha."
In 20 minutes the door bell rang. I opened it. It was my Vedana. I took her in and straight away lifted her in my arms, when she said,"hey kay kartat tumhi." I carried her in my arms and straight away proceeded to my bedroom. There I settled her on the floor and we embraced each other tight and kissed & smooched.
She said, "mahit nahi kevhan tumche mansa yenar, mahnun apun lavkar sagla karooya." She was about to unbutton her blouse, when I told her, "mala karu de." I opened all the buttons of her blouse and once again those beautiful & erect mammas were before me. Quickly she sat on the low sill of the window and remarked, " te picture band kara, me tumhala sagla dakhotey na."
I switched off the DVD. She called me near her, unbuttoned my short's zipper, pulled out my lund, massaged & shook it, to make it big & fat and put her tongue to the tip of my lund. I was in fifth heaven. Pre-cum started to ooze from by lund. Immediately she licked it and thrust my lund inside her mouth.
She rolled her tongue over it, sucked it so vigorously, like a woman possessed, that I was about to explode and told her, " Vedana maja maal sootnar ahe, tu iti chhan ani jorani chusli maji lund." For a moment she removed my lund from her mouth and said, "harkat nahi, chhodun dhya tumcha maal maje tondat." I asked her further, "pun tuja mahina band nahi jhala na. Je to potat jhali tar?"
She replied, "aho, tumhala mahit ahe ani mala pun, maal tondat gheun kutchi aurat potat hot nahi." With that I burst fully inside her mouth. When the bursting stopped, she removed my lund from her mouth, showed me the mouthful & swallowed it and smacked her lips. I went on my knees and planted a full blown passionate kiss on her lips, while hugging her very tightly.
She ventured, "maja naurani kadhi pun tichi lund chosala dili nahi. Ani aaj mauka pahun me tumchi lund chosli. Laee avadla." I then made her stand and was about to remove her saree, when she caught hold of my hand and said, "tumche mansa kevha yenaar mahit nahi, tar aaj maje kapde kadu nako.
Me tumhala sagle maje denar kapde kadun vager. Doosra kutcha divsi, jevhan apla kade laee vel asel, tevhan me swata maje sagle kapde kadnar tumcha sathi." "barra," I retorted. I then made her sit on my bed and put my tongue to her left mamma. Immediately she caught hold of her mamma in both her hands and said, "ghya changla ni ani jorat chusun ghya."
I sucked her nipple & mamma really hard, as she started to tilt her head backwards and said, "laee phaar maja yet ahe. " She then moved my face from her left mamma to her right mamma. I sucked it as much and as hard as I had done to her left mamma. Then I took both the nipples together in my mouth and she exclaimed, "ankhin jora ni chusa, laee maja yet ahe."
Finally I sucked both her mammas together, which she enjoyed very very much as she put my hand on her choot. I finger-fucked her choot for some time, while sucking her mammas. She was moaning, " oho, tumhi maast ahe. Maji choot chusun ghya ata ani tumchi lund taka maji choot madhe."
So, I lay her on the bed. She raised her saree & petticoat upto her hips and there was that choot of my Vedana before me. First I put my tongue on her choot's lips. She was liking it. Then I started to lick the lower end of her choot and she murmured, "laee chhaan, chusa tumchi Vedana chi choot."
Slowly I went up with my tongue and when I reached her G-spot, she let out a big shout, "aat madhe taka tumchi jeep, halkat, maja naurani kadhi maji choot chusli nahi, jora jora ni chusa, maje premee." I inserted my tongue inside her choot as much as I could and she was wriggling her hips, pressed my head tight against her choot and raised her head to see me and warned, "maja maal sootnar ahe, maje raja."
"Sodun dhe maji rani, kalji gheoo nako," I repled. With that she burst. I moved my face slightly away from her choot and there were sprouts of her cum all over my face and in my mouth which I had kept open. Satisfied, she got up and seeing my face full of her cum, she smiled & laughingly said, "arre baapre, evda maal nighala maja."
I showed her my mouthful and then swallowed it. She then licked my face clean, She then caught hold of my lund, rubbed & massaged it and put it near her choot and exclaimed, "taka tumchi lund tumchi Vedana chi choot madhe ani khoop maast choda mala." I rubbed my lund on her choot a little and then thrust it in. As her choot was already wet & hot my lund slid in easily.
I started with slow motions. She caught hold of my buttocks and said, "jora jora ni choda mala. Aaj paryant mi kutcha doosra mansa kadun chodun ghetla nahi, tumhi pehla mansa ahe. Choda jora jora ni, maja gheya tumchi Vedana cha ani tumcha maal aat sodun dhya." I increased my speed and she clung to me & was practically air borne.
I settled her on the bed and with huge thrusts burst inside my Vedana's choot. It felt like seventh heaven to have fucked my Vedana, as it was a fantasy till then. I lay there on her for some time with my lund inside her choot. She then asked me to fuck her more as she too wanted to release her cum. Within a short while she burst.
With that there was a very very satisfied look on her face and she said, " tumhi faar chhaan pyaar kartat. Mala laee maja ala. Ata mala waatte ki maji chuki jhali tumhala agudhar chance nahi dila." I ventured, "Rani aaj paryant mi swapn madhe hi tula chodad hota. Aaj maji Vedana ni maja kadun chodun gheyun maja swapn sakar kela. Mala pun laee maja ala. Mi tula laee pyaar karto ani tu mala laee avadto."
I then carried her in my arms to the bathroom with my lund still in her choot and she clinging on to me. There I made her stand in the wet area, she raised her saree & petticoat up, I made her spread her legs and washed her choot with water and wiped her clean with my towel. In turn she washed my lund. Once again we came to my bedroom, hugged & kissed and I reminded her, "fudcha veli mala to sampoorn nadgi pahije."
"Maja vachan ahe tumhala." she replied. With that she gave me another tight hug and kiss and went out. What happened after the above episode was that my dear 1st LoveMaid, Vedana, never missed an opportunity to make love to me. She never then onwards tried to cover her boobs and legs.
Rather when she would either sweep or mop the floor, she would deliberately try to expose as much of her boobs as possible. Then while scrubbing the vessels she would wrap the pallu of her saree in such a way that I would be able to see her boobs clearly through her see-through blouse. She also made sure to always try to wear a see-through blouse for maximum visibility of her beautiful boobs.
And when she would wash the clothes in my bathroom she would expose as much of her back, legs, knees & thighs as possible. On my part I never missed an opportunity to hug her, kiss her, squeeze her boobs, rub her on her gaand & choot. And she would try to squeeze my lund. Whenever we had the opportunity we made sure to make love.
Before anybody gets any wrong ideas as to what's so great with making love to a maid, let me remind them that my Vedana has a terrific figure, though about 45 years old and already a grandmother. Her nipples & boobs are very straight & erect. She really has a good body for her age. She is about 5'3" and she is neither fair nor dark in complexion. She is more on the fairer side of a wheatish complexion.

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